6 steps to a healthier daily routine

Achieving a healthier lifestyle is all about building a good routine. Establishing an ideal day-to-day program doesn’t mean you have to overhaul the things you do in a major way. Instead, think of it as a step-by-step process, with each step being a relatively minor tweak to one of your habits. 

Without further ado, here are six steps that will get you that healthy daily routine in no time. 


Step 1: More Water

Getting some water into your system right after you wake up is a good start. It quenches your thirst after hours of sleep, and it also gets your metabolism revved up, so your body is ready to digest as you prep for breakfast. 

Constantly drinking water throughout the day keeps you hydrated throughout your different activities, from office work to exercise. The goal is to get 2 liters or more of water in your system each day, which is about 8 glasses. Of course, individual requirements vary, and you may feel you need more. This largely depends on your activity level and exertion throughout the day, along with other health factors and requirements.


Step 2: More exercise

Walking is great exercise but try to increase the number of steps you take during the day. Climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, and don’t always look for the closest parking spot to your destination. If you have a regular fitness routine, try and do more reps. More burpees, more squats, more push-ups, more lunges. When using dumbbells or free weights, try increasing the load, but do it gradually. The truth is, the more we do, the more we gain. Stepping up our physical activity encourages our body’s growth, generates more feel-good endorphins, and promotes metabolism and circulation.


Step 3: Healthier food

Evaluate your diet and see what you can change bit by bit to make your food consumption healthier. Add more green leafy veggies here and there. Cut back on the carbs and fatty stuff gradually. Try and go organic. Maybe even consult a dietitian. Having a healthier mindset as far as food is concerned is easily one of the best ways to improve our health and well-being.


Step 4: More attention to posture

It might seem trivial, but posture affects our health in more ways than we realize. From the way we position ourselves while working to how we sleep, observing good posture at all times is an excellent way to stay comfortable and keep healthy.


Step 5: Less stress

Stress is one of the things that everyone experiences at times. It can affect even people who are in prime physical condition, often with undesirable consequences. We encounter stressful situations throughout the day, so minimizing stress should be a point of emphasis. Identify at which points you get stressed during your day or what situations trigger stress. In this way you can prepare for those instances and deal with them as they arise. Try breathing exercises as a great way to relax both physically and mentally.


Step 6: Better sleep

It’s important to get enough sleep, but make sure that it is also quality sleep. Spending time browsing through your feeds or watching videos when you should be getting some shuteye is a definite no-no. Put your phone out of easy reach, so you don’t get tempted to keep checking emails or texts. If you must have the phone handy, be sure to set the blue light filter on so it’s easier on the eyes as you try to get to sleep. Another great idea is to set it to ‘’do not disturb’’ during the hours you want to make sure you get uninterrupted shuteye. 

Those six steps above should get you well on the way to a healthier daily routine. Try to build on them gradually and you’ll see improvements bit by bit. Before you know it, the habits you’ve formed will build up to something great.