Fast-track Your Way to Dreamland with these Natural Sleep Remedies

We all know what happens when we don’t get enough sleep. Things all seem out of whack, we feel weak or lethargic, and it’s hard to think straight. The only real solution is to make sure to get to bed as early as possible and get a good night’s sleep.

But what about people who have trouble falling asleep? It can be tempting to turn to sleeping pills to induce sleep, but these should be taken as a last resort. Instead, why not turn to natural sleep remedies to help you drift off to dreamland? We’ve listed down some of them below for you to peruse. Try some of these out the next time shuteye evades you.


Valerian Root

Dubbed “nature’s Valium”, valerian root is an herb with centuries-long service in treating a wide range of health problems. It can help people sleep as it is said to reduce tension and anxiety. It is also said to alleviate stress and treat other problems such as headaches.


Ginkgo Biloba

Another herb that promises to relax, reduce stress, and facilitate sleep. Consumption is said to be best done around an hour before the desired bedtime. The first recorded use of this herb in folk medicine was in China during the late 15th century.



Available as a powder or pill, glycine is an amino acid which helps improve sleep. The exact mechanism is not yet known. It is believed that glycine lowers the temperature of the body and facilitates and improves the quality of sleep. Some studies also show that it helps sleep-deprived individuals experience better daytime performance.



Sometimes you can get better sleep without any intake involved. Lavender—more specifically, its fragrance—is so soothing that many swear it allows for better sleep. The eponymous purple flower has a scent that can help reduce disturbances during sleep. Sniffing a bit of lavender oil before you go to bed could contribute to the improvement of sleep quality. There are, however, some cases in which people react negatively to lavender aromatherapy.


Sleep Supplements

You can find supplements on the market containing natural ingredients, all formulated to promote better sleep. Some are marketed towards men, bundled with recovery boosting effects on top of the sleeping aids. Depending on the contents, they also help improve the duration and quality of sleep.

These supplements are usually centered on magnesium, melatonin, gamma aminobutyric acid, or a combination of those. Those are all substances or minerals that have to do with relaxing the body or helping trigger sleep. Make sure you check out the ingredients label to get more detailed information about the contents.

Around a third—some sources say even up to half—of all adults in the US are affected by insomnia. Sleep is one of the most basic things we need, so it’s no surprise there are so many remedies. Try out some of the natural remedies above before you go to your doctor to get a prescription. Who knows, one of these natural options might do the trick! This way, you’ll get the proper amount of high-quality sleep to sustain your activities without any risk to your health.