The benefits of Tribulus for testosterone and male vitality

Some of the best supplements are extracted from plants that have long histories of being used in traditional medicine. One such plant is tribulus terrestris, or more commonly known as tribulus. A native plant of Eurasia and Africa, it has long since been introduced to other continents such as Australia and North America. 

Supplements made primarily from tribulus extracts are marketed for increased testosterone production and for improved and enhanced male vitality. 

What are the effects of tribulus? You’ll find some of the main ones below, so read on to see if this is a supplement that can give you the kind of boost you need.


Pass the testosterone 

The main selling point of tribulus supplements is that they boost testosterone. With the resultant boost you get from such products, you get increased levels of energy and stamina to get you through the most punishing workouts. There is, though, a difference in the way each individual may react to tribulus. In some cases the reaction could be quite intense, and as always when starting a new supplement, it is best to do it gradually and build up.


A natural alternative to steroids

People have also taken tribulus as a natural alternative to steroids. Here again, Individual reactions will vary, and the impact on workouts could vary significantly from one person to the other. 

It should be noted that the increases in testosterone levels are not usually quantified on the supplement packaging, as the results could vary considerably depending on the physiological makeup of each individual. However, many who regularly use tribulus extract supplements have attested to their benefits. These include helping them with working out, along with a variety of other very useful additional benefits.


Feels good, man 

Tribulus is also said to increase the levels of dehydroepiandrosterone in the body. Dehydroepiandrosterone, also goes by the name androstenolone. To make it easier, we’ll just call it DHEA. This is a natural hormone produced in our brain, our reproductive glands, and adrenal glands. It is a precursor to the other hormones produced by the body. In fact, it’s not just any hormone, but is in fact the most abundant one produced in our bodies. 

DHEA comes with mild antidepressant functions, so it helps make consumers feel good. Other psychological benefits of high DHEA levels include lower anxiety and improved moods. 

What’s more, since DHEA is a precursor to a bunch of other hormones, including estrogen, it also has positive effects for women such as calcium reabsorption and promotion of higher bone density.


Sex drive engaged 

Many people who take tribulus supplements provide anecdotal evidence of increased libido. Just check out posts on popular message boards and you’ll see that the feedback about tribulus has comments related to increased sex drive. Apart from that, tribulus has also been shown to be a good deterrent against premature ejaculation. 

Many of the processes through which tribulus works aren’t yet fully understood, due to the lack of controlled studies on their different effects. However, with the great variety of tribulus supplements available on the market, there’s a ton of anecdotal evidence available from people who regularly use them. 

When in doubt, it is always best to consult your physician or dietician before embarking on any new supplement. Being a natural extract, though, tribulus doesn’t have the downside that may come with some artificial supplements. Many users, in fact, attest to an improved quality of life after taking it, both in the area of physical as well as mental health and personal life. So, give it a try. Tribulus may be the supplement that will give you the significant all-round boost you have long been looking for.