The Keys to Thriving Relationships

“No man is an island.” That’s a very short but profound statement, and for the most part, it’s true. How we get on with others does matter. While we all differ in the way we react to people around us, relating positively undoubtedly helps make our lives better and happier. 

So how does one go about fostering good relationships?


Make time for others 

One of the most precious things you can offer a person is your time. There’s no better way of saying you care than by taking time out of your busy day and just being present. Availability is the greatest gift you can give, so make sure you’re always there for the people you love. Of course, when you’re with them, truly be there—try not to be distracted by or preoccupied with other things. Make your time together really count.



Another important aspect of relationships is communication. After all, it is the primary way we connect with others. True, it’s always a “different strokes for different folks” kind of thing, but what’s crucial is to still try to communicate meaningfully.


Learn to listen

It’s no exaggeration to say that listening is one of the best things we can do for others. This doesn’t mean just hearing what other people have to say; it’s about understanding what they are really going through. This allows us to empathize and genuinely appreciate their needs, so that we can respond with meaningful advice and support.


Have respect 

The bedrock of all lasting relationships is mutual respect. While this touches on much of what we’ve already discussed, respect for what the other person is feeling and saying, and for their individuality, is absolutely vital. It means that we will think twice before doing or saying anything that may damage the relationship or hurt the other person.


Be open to the opinions of others 

When it comes to building relationships, we have to keep our minds open. The other person won’t always agree with us or hold the same opinions or values as we do. We’re not all fans of the same sports teams. We didn’t all go to the same university. We didn’t vote for the same presidents, but none of that should stop us from getting on well with those around us. 

Relating to other people involves compassion, tolerance, compromise, and understanding. Being open to different ideas and personalities is key to building a rapport with others.



You can’t have a relationship without trust; no relationship can really thrive without it. Unfortunately, many people have trouble fully trusting others. They keep their walls up and never let other people in. While being cautious and looking out for oneself is essential, being able to trust somebody is something we all need. It allows us to grow as individuals as we navigate through different relationships. In this way we get to learn more about the other person —and about ourselves as well.


We need the company of others 

Man, by nature, is a social animal. There’s simply no way to live happily if we are isolated from those around us. While it takes a bit of work, we all have the capacity to forge and maintain good relationships. At the end of the day, it will certainly be worth it.