The power of positivity

A common piece of advice you often hear during moments of personal struggle is to “stay positive” or something to that extent. While it is not always easy, positivity is a very powerful tool to have in your bag, when applied the right way and in the right situations. 

Positivity has the power to change your life. Working on yourself so you can consistently think positively is something that takes time, but it is definitely worth the effort. Below are some of the ways through which positivity can impact your life.


Minimizes or eliminates stress 

Having less stress in life means being healthier and able to focus on the things that really matter. A lot of the stress that we feel arises from situations that make us feel that we are not in control. Positive thinking allows you to keep calm in such situations and turn something that stresses you out into something that strengthens you and builds upon your skills and character. 

For example, you might face a seemingly impossible task where your resources or skills are not sufficient to get the job done. With positivity, you can frame this as a learning opportunity or a problem-solving scenario that will allow you to develop yourself and become better once you have figured it out.


Broadens your horizons 

A positive attitude helps you attain a wider perspective in various aspects of life. That’s because positivity opens your mind up to different possibilities. In contrast, negative thoughts tend to bog you down and limit your perception of what you can do or achieve. 

Thinking in a positive manner makes you more receptive to “what could be” instead of delving in to “what is”. Many people are dissatisfied with the status quo; the only way to really change the current situation is by actively doing something to change it—and that can only be unlocked with positivity.


Makes other people around you better 

Attitudes can be infectious. So, if you exhibit positivity, it will also affect the people around you positively. When they see you respond to different situations while keeping your cool, they will see that it’s a possibility for them as well. Though people tend to react differently to certain things, being able to see positivity in action is a great way to set an example. 

In addition, having a positive outlook also allows you to be more sincere in your interactions with people around you. This has a ripple effect on others, allowing for healthier and more genuine relationships that are nurturing and likely to foster kindness as well as happiness. 

Life, by nature, is full of ups and downs. This is true regardless of your standing in life, your status in society, how much is in your savings account (if you even have one), your relationship status, or any other factors that affect your day-to-day living and long-term outlook. Through all of that, being able to maintain a positive attitude can spell the difference between success and failure, and ultimately lead to the happiness we so long to attain.