Why it pays to get up at 6 am every morning

The importance of routine

If only we had more hours in the day to get everything done! The truth is that we have plenty of time if we can only learn to manage it more efficiently.

Many of us get up and start our workday without much planning. We take things as they come along, attending to whatever comes first to hand. Moving from one task to the next without any specific order or plan. Just when we start feeling on top of things, the inevitable happens! We glance at the subject line of an urgent email that has popped up in our inbox. As we start replying, a client starts insistently messaging us, and as we switch to attend to that, the phone rings! 

The rest of the story is old history! When we finally end the call and answer the texts and the email, it’s already almost midday. The original task is only half done, and we are bogged down trying to sort out a bunch of new problems that have arisen. We need to get to an important meeting in fifteen minutes, and we’ve had nothing to eat or drink! 

At this point we ought to realize that we really need to make some important changes in our daily routine.


The advantages of an early start to the day.

While it’s not possible to foresee every eventuality the day may bring, a planned early start to the day can make a massive difference to your productivity. The extra couple of early morning hours can get you ahead while others are still in bed. You’ll have adequate time to sort through the tasks of the day and prioritize them without getting disturbed, which is a tremendous plus. 

There is one big caveat, though. If we don’t get to sleep on time, there is no way that this is going to work. 

So, step one is to switch your phone to ‘’don’t disturb’’ mode and get the lights off at a reasonable hour during the workday week. A great idea is to take a hot shower and get into bed in time to make sure that you’ll get enough quality sleep and be able to get out of bed at 6 am the next morning. While obviously each person is different, don’t kid yourself that six hours sleep is enough. Any extra time you get in before midnight is going to bring massive rewards the next day. In addition, getting that early start to the day will make it much easier to fall asleep at night. It’s the greatest cure for insomnia!


One is at one’s peak in the morning

Physically and mentally one is at one’s peak first thing in the morning.

A great idea is to get out and take a walk in the fresh early morning air. Resist looking at your phone, rather use the time to look around you at the beauty of nature. While out walking, start planning your day. Then, when you get back home, eat a good healthy breakfast, topped off with a drink of Kokshot to get yourself really energized. Then settle down to start your day. 

Starting your routine this way, allows you to handle the problems and stresses of the day with mental and emotional calmness. Give it a try and see for yourself the tremendous benefits it will bring.