Why it’s great to be a man

Despite all the ups and downs life brings on a daily basis, it’s still great to be a man. How so? While each man’s journey through this world is different, there is always something worthwhile to take away from the collective male experience.


Feeling at home in one’s own body

While men and women are obviously different, men seem relatively more content and at peace within themselves. That is, particularly so when it comes to feeling comfortable about their own bodies.

 There isn’t as much pressure brought about by mass media and pop culture on men to make sure they are always looking perfect. Although seeing Captain America as portrayed by Chris Evans with his well-defined abs can be a much-needed jolt sometimes, it’s not really that serious of an issue for men. 

Males have stereotypically been viewed as the physically dominant gender. But the truth is that it’s fine even if you’re not built like The Rock. Strength—physical or otherwise—comes in a variety of different forms.


Taking challenges head on

Some view a man’s journey as a series of hurdles to be crossed in order to reach the next level. In a way, that is what we all go through in life. It’s just that the trials are different for each of us. Circumstances and outcomes are also different for each man. In the end, what matters is that we set a goal for ourselves and work on it. 

While the end or the goal is what we ultimately strive for, it’s the journey itself that builds our character. We might fail many times, but there is always the challenge of getting back up and trying again. The aim is to keep getting better so that we can eventually overcome the roadblock that is in front of us. This can manifest in a number of ways:

  • working on ourselves to become fitter, stronger, or faster
  • studying new things to develop skills and gain knowledge
  • building good relationships with other people thereby gaining confidence and self esteem
  • fostering a sense of self sufficiency and building our identities


Adhering to our principles but also taking note of what others think

Too often, we hear words of criticism in certain situations or when faced with certain challenges. While no one likes to feel that they are wrong, it’s definitely a good idea to listen to what others think about us. 

Let’s face it—times are changing, and those changes affect every aspect of life. Maleness itself is an ever-changing and evolving concept. It is even more so when you think about what is considered acceptable in today’s world. We have to figure out what we are really comfortable with. Add to that the fact that we each have our own ideas about what being a man stands for. 

Regardless of our personal ideals of masculinity or maleness, what matters is how we live up to those ideals. It’s about adhering to that particular set of principles and bettering ourselves, while at the same time being aware of the needs of others. 

Male empowerment is all about being confident and feeling good about oneself as a person. If you can be comfortable within yourself, then you’re already winning. The important thing is to abide by your principles and keep working towards being the best man you can be.