Why it’s important to workout regularly

Staying fit and healthy requires effort and dedication. The first step one needs to take is to get started on a good workout program. The biggest challenge, though, is to maintain consistency. This is probably the main hurdle facing most people.

The onset of this global coronavirus pandemic has also added to our difficulties when it comes to exercising. Many areas are locked down, with people staying home as much as possible. Gyms as well as sports facilities have had to be closed off to the general public. Still, it’s important for us to constantly exercise in order to maintain or achieve the level of fitness we desire. During lockdown, taking a brisk daily walk along quiet streets or going for a jog, will be beneficial. In addition, there are many good online workout routines one can follow while home bound.

Check out below some of the benefits that a proper exercise routine will bring you.


Improves physical health and well-being

Working out provides our bodies with a wide variety of benefits. While the number one reason for working out is to stay in good shape, there are many additional physical benefits. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Reduces risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Reduces markers that are known to be connected to a variety of diseases
  • Facilitates weight loss when combined with a proper diet
  • Helps improve skin health
  • Reduces chronic pain


Helps with our mental health

Apart from the physical aspect, regular workouts also provide us with important mental benefits. Research shows that aerobic exercise boosts neurogenesis, the process through which new neurons grow, keeping our nervous system in peak condition. In addition, the serotonin increase we get with exercise is shown to help with mental clarity.

Workouts also promote wellness by helping us to relax, reducing anxiety and stress. The resultant increase in serotonin and norepinephrine levels also helps to alleviate and prevent depressive episodes.


Helps improve sleep quality

Physical activity and exercise contribute to a more restful sleep and help improve sleep quality in general. Most importantly, it fosters sufficient periods of deep sleep, the time when our bodies are best able to rebuild and recover. In addition, studies have shown that an extended period of exercise helps insomniacs improve their sleep cycles.


Boosts self-esteem

Consistent exercise, coupled with a well-developed fitness plan and good diet, helps us maintain a good body shape. Achieving the looks we want impacts greatly on our happiness and state of mind, and provides a significant boost to our self-esteem


Provides us with structured living

Having something meaningful that we do constantly, helps build a structure within our day-to-day lives. This is especially important these days, where there is still a lot of uncertainty about being able to go back to work or even travel around the cities where we live.

Being able to stick to a routine such as a daily exercise regimen or a varied set of weekly workouts, is a great way to bring a semblance of normalcy back into our lives. Plus, it’s a really neat and enjoyable way to pass the time!


The effort is really worthwhile

Working out comes with a multitude of benefits that really make the effort worth it. You will be healthier, physically and mentally, and you’ll feel great about yourself after each workout. So, get started and enjoy your routines. Build up gradually and progressively taking care not to overexert yourself. Listen to what your body tells you, and you’ll reap the many benefits a regular workout routine will bring.