• Living Life More Positively

    We all go through life in different ways, under varying circumstances, and with a great multitude of outcomes. Having the right mindset greatly impacts on how we live our respective lives.
  • How Eating Affects Our Moods

    There are times when all the problems in the world seem to fade away, and it’s often thanks to one good meal. Food—good or otherwise—has a big impact on our moods.
  • Productive Working

    Work is, by nature, stressful. There are deadlines to meet, and bosses to deal with. Each day invariably brings a variety of new issues that can often be quite difficult to handle. In order to ease the process a little, though, there are things that you can change. The result could be a much happier and more manageable workday routine. 
  • Making the Most of Sleeping

    Roughly a third of our lives is spent sleeping. Our bodies need it, after all. Since we spend so much time in dreamland, maximizing sleep should be a priority. It is most certainly worth our while to ensure we get the most out of every second of sleep.
  • Manage your daily tasks

    When Google pops up a reminder to attend to the important task we diarized yesterday, we have two options. The ideal would be to stop what we are doing and switch to the other one. 
  • Why it’s great to be a man

    Despite all the ups and downs life brings on a daily basis, it’s still great to be a man. How so? While each man’s journey through this world is different, there is always something worthwhile to take away from the collective male experience.
  • A healthy lifestyle – the key to physical and emotional health

    A study by Harvard Medical School, clearly shows that there is a major link between emotional health and physical health.
  • The power of positivity

    A common piece of advice you often hear during moments of personal struggle is to “stay positive” or something to that extent. While it is not always easy, positivity is a very powerful tool to have in your bag, when applied the right way and in the right situations. 
  • Why sleep is so important for your overall health

    When it comes to health and wellness, getting enough sleep is as vital as regular exercise and eating a balanced diet. The reason for this is that sleep is the process that the body uses to continually repair and restore the vital functions it needs to remain healthy. A good night’s sleep is therefore essential for both physical and mental health and should never be neglected.
  • Walking – the Silver Bullet to Health and Vitality

    The great news is that people are living longer today than ever before. But a lot of this depends on the lifestyle one chooses to follow.
  • The benefits of Tribulus for testosterone and male vitality

    Some of the best supplements are extracted from plants that have long histories of being used in traditional medicine. One such plant is tribulus terrestris, or more commonly known as tribulus. A native plant of Eurasia and Africa, it has long since been introduced to other continents such as Australia and North America.
  • Self-confidence – the key to unlocking your full potential

    Self-confidence is the key to unlocking one’s full potential. We all have moments when we lack confidence and don’t feel that good about ourselves. That’s quite normal and acceptable. The big problem, though, is when these feelings of low self-esteem start becoming chronic long-term issues.